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Hoylake Allotment Association

Hoylake Allotment Association

Hoylake Allotment Association has one of only two self-managed sites on Wirral.  Rented from Wirral Council, the site is managed by a committee of twelve who carry out site maintenance, man the shop, and collect rents. Their annual AGM usually takes place in January.  They also organise a site allotment competition and a prize giving and social evening (pictured).

 There are 74 allotments on the site and 85 tenants.  This is because some of the allotments are divided in half to try to reduce the waiting list, which currently stands at 76.  Any work needed on the site has to be paid for through fundraising activities, since no funding is received from Wirral Council.  The Council does, however, include the site in their annual competition   For the past four years one of the Association's allotments has won and in 2009 it had seven prizewinners, which is commendable since there were nearly 400 entrants. 

There is no water supply on the site, but most of the allotments have wells and rainwater is harvested from the sheds and greenhouses.

The yearly charge for an allotment is £24 and that almost covers the Association's outgoings, i.e. rent, insurances and membership of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.

The Association is pleased to have recently let an allotment to a local scout group and hopes they will have a lot of fun and learn to love gardening.

The demographics of the site have changed quite a lot over the past ten years.  It is no longer the retired gentleman wearing a flat cap and riding a bicycle!  There are lots of families and female plot holders using the site.

 Shop Opening Times

 Sunday: 11.00 a.m. - 12 noon, but will open for individual customers at any time.

 Prices are competitive and deliveries are available locally.

For more information, telephone: 07801946280.



Contact Information

  • Mobile : 07801946280.
  • Opening Times : Shop - Sunday: 11.00 a.m. - 12 noon, but will open for individual customers at any time.
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