Move to Hoylake

When it comes to property, Hoylake has it all... large Victorian mansions to classic terraces... beachside villas to cool town centre apartments. A town that is 'on the up', bucking national trends…

For example, in 2009, Hoylake had a 25 per cent shop vacancy rate. Now... nine percent, and dropping as niche businesses move in. Could this be your chance to ride the crest of a wave?

About our sponsors

CliveWatkinThe Clive Watkin Partnership offers a personal and proactive service tailored to your specific needs where our team organises every aspect of your sale in order to reach more prospective buyers. We have created a residential sales package which will help to get your property seen by as many people as possible including:

  • Advertising your property on the UK’s leading property websites including
  • Regular press advertising in key local papers.
  • Prominent display of your home in your local branch, including colour photographs and floor plans.
  • Active computerised mailing system with hundreds of applicants, many of whom have urgent requirements.
  • Distinctive ‘for sale’ boards.

Step by step, we ensure your home is placed right where prospective customers will see it using the teams experience to keep the process simple and as quick as possible.


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